Leonardo da Vinci the biggest provocateur in contemporary art ..

These words are part of the study called- Leonardo da Vinci, died in a century
Knowledge of the physical object, Leonardo Da Vinci tennis boy
It is an introduction to know the subject with meaning of itself, has references to the particular attention as proper memory recreates the recurrent image ... I could do that .....
All times are created through the force contained in space, eg: if (Leonardo da Vinci penis) can be movement as big or small penis, with force or without force, these intuition that recognises the object, so for that subject is recognised for different forces that makes mathematics greatness in mass and numbers.
What we have seen is how the subject has colour and can contain the real forces that actually serves no purpose, I tried that colour does not elude the study of drawing without great certainties still do not know if I managed this to feat.
with reality not play it is the three-dimensional age of drawings ...

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